Talkies connect people

No need to give your child a phone.
Talkies let kids exchange voice messages
with friends and grownups

Play video

It’s simple, it’s safe

Simply press a button to send a message.
Kids chat only with approved contacts


The free Toymail app for iOS and Android lets grownups send messages to Talkies. Parents use the app to connect the toys to WIFI, and approve contacts.


Sending Toymail is a cinch for little ones. Push a button on the back of a Talkie to send a message to a grownup's phone or another kid's Talkie.

Stay connected to
your kids no matter
where you are.

  • Free App Coming Soon

The Talkies

Besides sending messages, they will filter your voice, squeal when you toss them in the air, and snore when you put them to sleep.

Bitsy, a bat

Gory, a shark

Abe, a mouse

Hank, a dino

Toy features


Send voice messages
to a kid, and they can reply
right back


Play and re-play the last
10 messages when you’re on or


Connects to home
WIFI in minutes


Talkies tell you by sound
when you’ve got something
to listen to


Shake the toy to change
your voice into a funny one.


All approved contacts
get downloaded into the Talkies
from the app. Your kid can cycle
through them directly on their toy.